About Us

S.B.Rashid & Co. was established in the year 1974. We started our company with the joint collaboration with S.B.R PVT LTD which is one of the oldest Indent house of Pakistan. In the year 1993, we changed our company image an d move to the stationery Sector, where we have taken a distribution from Viker Industry of TOYO in Pakistan 1995-2000, it was a brand of school & office stationery. In the year 1998, we started to import our own stationery items but in the year 2010, we have specialized our self in the Adhesive Tapes and Adhesive solutions. We are working to achieve our goals.

We are dealing in all kinds of Adhesive tapes, Single Side, Double Side, OPP, BOPP, PET, Tissue, Acrylic, Aluminum, Etc. We represent our brand LORD, TWENTY TWENTY, CANTON not only these brands we also deal in 3M, TESSA, ABRO. We Import, Slit, Wholesales, Distribute our products across Pakistan.

We provide a high-quality service. We have a dedicated and professional team members that serve our customers at its best.

We make sure of our associated with customer satisfaction, reliability of supply and maintained quality. If given a chance, we can offer free sampling of our products and on-site display of quality to prove our worth.

Introduction of Adhesive Tape

Adhesives form an integral part of a wide variety of fabricated products, offering the potential to create new and challenging designs. Structural and specialty adhesives account for about 30% of total adhesive and sealant sales, with uses in automotive, aerospace, domestic appliance, biomedical, dental, consumer, electronic, construction, general industrial, industrial machine, marine and sports equipment applications.

Synthetic adhesives have good adhesion to a variety of substrates, can be applied quickly, have excellent properties, and are cost effective. However, the adhesive selection process can be overwhelming due to the many types of adhesives available. This guide can help to overcome the confusion.

Description of Our Products

Single Side Tape:

Single-Sided Tape, also known as Single-Coated Tape or Single-Faced Tape, is a pressure-sensitive tape consisting of film, foam, foil, cloth or paper face stock with rubber, acrylic or silicone adhesive on one side, and either has a silicone release liner or is self-wound.

Depending on the combination of backings, adhesives and formats, single coated tapes have a wide variety of applications from holding and sealing to identifying, masking, protecting, splicing and more.

Double side Tape:

Double-sided tape is any pressure-sensitive tape that is coated with adhesive on both sides. It is designed to stick two surfaces together, often in a way which is not visible in the end product, due to it being in between the objects rather than overlaying them.