Adhesive Tape

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  • Anti Slip Tape

     4,200.00 8,400.00
    • A fine-textured, slip resistant surface with a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing provides enhanced safety and comfort in light- and barefoot-traffic areas.
    • For wet, barefoot-traffic areas
    • Non-mineral, fine-textured, slip-resistant vinyl surface
    • High performance, water-resistant, acrylate adhesive is ideal for wet conditions
    • Applications: showers, tubs, surfboards, around hot tubs and pools.
     4,200.00 8,400.00
  • Double Side Tissue Tape

     11.40 45.60
     11.40 45.60
  • LORD Solvent 43 Micron Clear/Tan Tape

     18.99 171.00

    Solvent adhesive tapes for packaging at high temperature

    Solvent base packaging tapes are manufactured through a technology that guarantees great chemical stability of the adhesive at high temperature: thanks to the special adhesive support, these packaging tapes can guarantee high performance even in geographic areas with hot climates.

    The packaging tapes of the line are ideal for those who seek maximum application performance in packaging products. They are easy to use and unwind, provide high slip resistance and are affordable at competitive price. These solvent adhesive tapes are ideal for box and cardboard packaging.

     18.99 171.00
  • LORD Yellowish & Transparent 40 Micron Water-Base

  • Magic Tape

    • One of the unique qualities of this tape is that it is not visible to the naked eye and cannot be detected by scanner on photo copies, being best alternative to glue or glue sticks.
    • The original matte-finish, invisible tape.
    • Stands up to faxes, scanners and copiers.
    • Comes off the roll smoothly, cuts easily.
    • Preferred tape for offices, homes and schools.
    • Write on it with pen, pencil or marker.